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The KORRiQ Ltd product portfolio includes a range of liquid triazole based Corrosion Inhibitors to achieve copper passivation. The KORRiQ liquid triazoles are designed to protect copper, brass, cobalt, silver and their alloys from corrosion in oil and water based systems.

The copper passivators react with the metal surface to form an almost transparent but strong film to prevent corrosive substances attacking the metal.

Our liquid triazoles work synergistically with ferrous corrosion inhibitors to offer multi-metal protection and can be categorised as either water dispersible, water soluble and/or oil soluble, with several offering multi-functionality such as ferrous protection or coupling ability.

The KORRiQ multi-triazole inhibitors are non flammable liquids that are highly active and offer the following key advantages;

  • Ease of formulating
  • Dissolves faster than solid triazoles
  • eliminates the hazard caused by the solid triazole dust
  • Low odour when blending.

Triazole based copper passivator corrosion inhibitors are extensively used in the following industries;

  • The metalworking lubricants industry
  • The paint industry
  • Water treatment industry
  • Antifreeze
  • Engine coolants
  • Brake fluids
  • Dishwasher detergents

Triazoles including; Benzotriazole; Tolyltriazole, which is sometimes spelt Tolutriazole or Tolytriazole,; Sodium Tolyltriazole, which are offered under such trade names as Cobratec TT-50-S, Wintrol T-50Na, Preventol CI 7-50; and Potassium Tolyltriazole are used extensively in corrosion control of yellow metals and ferrous metals.

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